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Selling Amazon Service | Refund/Replacement | 10% | .com .co.uk .fr .it

Discussion in 'Service(s)' started by Quaint, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Quaint


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    Oct 16, 2016
    Amazon Service for .com | .co.uk | .fr | .it

    Refunds - 10% of Order Total
    Replacements - 10% of Order Total
    Double Dip - 15% of Order Total

    Minimum Order Total $100
    Maximum Order Total ~$600 depending on order history
    Flat $15 Charge for all orders under $100

    Payment Methods: PayPal/Bitcoin

    Contact Info
    Skype: probnshe@gmail.com
    Email: probnshe@gmail.com
    or PM me

    1 vouch to a reputable member - 5% of any order over $100 under $300

    Chargebacks = I report you to amazon
    Refunds will be provided only if service is not completed
    I am not responsible if your account is closed

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