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Release AVA FileCleaner v1.0

Discussion in 'Alliance of Valiant Arms' started by penTa, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. penTa

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    Sep 14, 2014
    FileCleaner by R3DDOT


    - Delete AVA ID's : Deletes all the ID's of the accounts that logged in on AVA through your computer.
    - Delete AVA Screenshots/Captures : Deletes all screenshots and captures (only those who were recorded using AVA's in-game recording Software).
    - Delete UE3 Dumps : Deletes all UE3 dump files from the AVA Directory.
    - Delete XINGCODE logs : Deletes all XINGCODE logs.
    - Re-install XINGCODE : Deletes all XINGCODE files (except core files).
    - Delete all Prefetch Files : Deletes all PREFETCH files in the Prefetch Directory.
    - Delete all Temp Files : Deletes all files in the Temp Files Directory.
    - Delete all Cookies : Deletes cookies stored in your computer (only works for IE).
    - Delete all Temp Internet Files : Deletes all Temp Internet Files (only works for IE).
    - Delete all Internet History : Deletes Internet History (only works for IE).
    - Delete all Saved Passwords : Deletes all saved passwords from browser (only works for IE).
    - Delete all Internet Files : Deletes all internet related disposable files such as cookies, internet history, saved passwords etc. (only works for IE).

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