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[SOLVED] Avoid Chargebacks

Discussion in 'Service(s)' started by Nona, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Nona


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    Apr 1, 2011
    No where else I could really post this but I would like to share this with you all!

    Never Get A Chargeback / Unauthorized Claim

    1. The first order of business is a salient and crucial step to protecting yourself: you should use legitimate information when creating a PayPal, and it should be funded via credit card or bank to receive priority from PayPal in any ill fated situation.
    2. Keep the SUBJECT the same in EVERY payment. I cannot stress this enough. Paypal's automated system flags any unverified or even newly verified users for multiple payments that don't have the same contingencies.
    3. Keep the NOTE the same in EVERY payment. For the same reason above, this is highly crucial to maintaining face and legitimacy in PayPal's eyes.
    4. Decline/refund the payment if the buyer does not agree to your T.O.S. There is absolutely no reason for the buyer to be non-compliant with these terms, and anything otherwise is simply shady or a "red flag" to not deal with the user.

    An example of a note you should have for the buyer

    Send the money as family and friends
    In the NOTE write: This payment is for a digital item which I have received in the exact condition as described and it has been redeemed / taken by me.

    Tell the buyer

    If the above steps are not completed, I will refund your payment and you will not receive your item / service.
  2. Mr.iLLEGAL


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    Feb 11, 2015
    Thanks for sharing this. However for larger goods i often recommend the seller to send an invoice

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