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Release Bullz's accusation for losing account due to "loss of password"

Discussion in 'Members Feedback' started by brandonduong2, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. brandonduong2

    brandonduong2 Moderator Staff Member

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Bullz was inferring I scammed him by posting on my visitor's messages. As you can see on my visitor's message he posted on August 10th. What he forgot to do was change his email so my email address was still on the account, but as you can see from this picture I did not touch the email until now. If I did make a recovery or anybody in fact it would say in my email, but it did not. All the new mail is unread which leaves me out of this. The dates highlighted in blue show emails regarding another account I was trying to recover a long time ago because I had forgot the password so any of those emails are irrelevant. The only relevant ones are from August 9-10.


    As you can see the account is banned for billing services. So Bullz got the account banned because of billing issues with Aeria Points. In conclusion, Bullz is trying to accuse me of scamming because he got the account banned and wants to get his money back. So in return I am accusing him of attemptive scamming. I believe I provided enough evidence. The account is currently permenantely banned so I cannot help Bullz. It was his fault in the first place. As you can see there are no emails of me trying to recover the account so it was all Bullz.
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  2. Hunter!


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    Feb 18, 2015
    Bullz shall be permanetly banned for attempting to scam.
    [MENTION=4181459]Zeusxx[/MENTION] please permanently ban the user [MENTION=2872311]bullz[/MENTION] and close. Thank you.

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