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Combat Arms EU Addies

Discussion in 'Combat Arms' started by Void™, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Void™


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    Feb 2, 2013
    hey guys here are CA EU addies :)

    *           | Buscar Endereços Combat Arms |           *
    *                    | WE11ington |                    *
    [20:21:02]=> Aguardando módulos...
    [20:22:01]=> Módulos encontrados.
    [20:22:26]=> Escaneamento dos endereços inicializado...
    #define DeviceGame      0x009279F0
    #define GlassWalls      0x0057DE9A
    #define DIPEngine       0x006765CA
    #define LTClientEXE     0x0048B6E0
    #define LTClientDLL     0x378236F8
    #define GameStatus      0x3783BE94
    #define EspName1        0x3725D0A9
    #define EspName2        0x3725D12F
    #define NoRecoil        0x374BEDFC
    #define NoReload        0x37516CC1
    #define SuperBullets	0x375115D6
    #define WeaponRange1	0x37516F49
    #define WeaponRange2	0x375172C9
    #define PlayerRandom	Não encontrado.
    #define RapidFire	0x37517A45
    WE11ington (for making the .dll)
    Me (for injecting it to CA)

    Thank You.


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