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Release Conan Exile hacks! superfast attack, godmode, unlimited stamina and more

Discussion in 'Steam Games' started by ConanOnCrack, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. ConanOnCrack

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    Apr 23, 2017
    Hey want to share some awesome hacks for Conan Exile a new MMO survival game launch almost 3 months ago in steam early access.

    those hacks can't be patched, secured for use on official servers and with BattlEye.
    to be honest i used them for almost 3 weeks on official and also the most popular private servers, devs are using them for more then a month!

    the hacks list:
    - super fast attacks with all type of weapons.
    - increased range attack with pickaxe.
    - soft speed increased for walk and run.
    - pickup speed increase by alot.
    - pickup from ground range increased by alot.
    - torch light increase by alot.
    - players using torch make a sign on them from far.
    - zoom out increase by alot.
    - maxlvl in seconds.
    - unlimited stamina for all - run, attack and jump.
    - regen health (godmode).
    - regen drink.
    - item doesn't break.

    you can watch this vid in youtube that show everything!
    in the description in youtube is the link to download it.

    no subscribe method payment or something like that!

    have fun guys!


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