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[FAQ] Forum Points

Discussion in 'GzP Help Files' started by pursuited, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. pursuited

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    Nov 2, 2006
    There have been quite a bit of comments in regards to your points. So this sticky is here to help clarify any questions you may have about them.

    What are points?
    Point are a form of "spendable money" that GzP has to offer. The points do not have any money value in real life and only work on GzP. Your points show up right underneath your member name in postbit. As shown in this picture:
    How do I gain points?
    Points can be achieved in various ways. The most common way is simply by posting in the forums. You gain points for every post you make. You can also gain points from a staff member awarding them to you. Any staff member can award you "x" amount of posts for helpful/useful posts. Such as a trainer/program for a game. You can also be awarded points for winning any contests that GzP is holding. The most pleasurable way to gain points is to gamble your points in GzPs casino. However it is gambling, so you can gain or lose just as many points. Another means of gaining points is from a user donating his/her points to you. If that does occur, be sure to thank that user for his kindness. The last notable mean of gaining points is through GzPs lottery/drawing. You pick a number and receive a ticket. If your number happens to be the winner, you get a piece of the jackpot. You can check out the lottery/drawing in your User Control Panel or by clicking this link.

    How do I lose points?
    Your points can decrease in a few ways. If your post has been deleted or closed for some reason, you will lose some points. The deletion or closing of posts is unavoidable at times. In order to ensure the cleanliness and order of GzP, posts will be closed or deleted. You will also lose A LOT of points if you receive an infraction of any type. You lose 100 points per 1 infraction. Meaning if you have an infraction that is a value of 15, you will lose 15 x 100 = 1500 points. You want to avoid any infraction in order to remain in positive numbers. As with gaining points in the casino, you can lose your points while gambling in the casino. There is also the interest rate of a loan that can hit you. If you have a loan and fail to pay it, the bank will start hitting you with charges!

    User Control Panel You keep mentioning that. Where is it?
    Well, you can click the link that is behind the text that will take you to the User Control Panel. Or you can look at the topmost menu on GzP and see a button image entitled "USERCP". Click that button. It should look something like this:

    Where is the Casino?
    The casino can be accessed by visiting the GzP home page (as shown in the following image) or by clicking this link.

    How can I check how much points I have?
    Their are two ways of checking the amount of points you currently have. One is by checking your postbit information under your title as shown in the first picture. The other way is to refer to your User Control Panel or by clicking the Banking and Loans which is in your User Control Panel.

    I am negative and I want to gamble! What should I do?
    If you are in the negative and you still want to gamble, read how to gain points. However, you do have the option of taking out a loan. Keep in mind that taking out a loan has some interest. If you fail to make payments, you will lose more points. So be sure to pay off any outstanding loans! You can check out the bank loans in your User Control Panel or by clicking this link.

    You keep mentioning the menu in the User Control Panel! What does the points menu look like there?

    Refer to this picture for that answer.


    I do not see my total points in the Banking and Loans section. Where is it?
    Well goto the Banking and Loans. When that page loads, look at the top of the frame you should see something like this:

    How can I check to see if I have an infraction that could of caused my points being lost?
    Look in your User Control Panel or PM a moderator and ask them if they can look up your account for any infractions.

    What games do the Casino have?
    Well, head over to the Casino and find out. For those of you that are too lazy, GzPs casino has these following games: Blackjack, Let 'em Ride, Slots - Ninjas Roulette, Slots - Bars and 7s, Slots - Fruit Machine, Texas Hold, and Video Poker.

    I lost point for <insert reason here>. Can I get some points back PLEASE!
    More than likely NO! If you lost points, it was for a good reason. Be more careful in what you do next time in order to ensure you not losing points.

    Will I be able to use my points to buy myself a Avatar, Custom Title, or Signature?
    Yes you will in the future. GzP is currently working on a shop at which you will be able to use your points to purchase such items.

    Do my points have anything to with the RPGs money?
    At this moment in time, No. Your points on the forum have no connection to the amount of money you have in the RPG. However, one of the updates for the RPG will be having the ability to convert your Forum points to the RPGs money and vice versa.
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