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Features List

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by Rajinn, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Rajinn


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    Sep 3, 2010

    - Aimbot: Head, Torso, Pelvis, Face Jaw, L Arm, R Arm, L Leg, R Leg, Accurate, Human, Visible

    - Force Hit: Head, Torso, Pelvis, Face Jaw, L Arm, R Arm. L Leg, R Leg, Accurate (Forces you to hit the selected bone, no matter where your bullet hits on the body. I.E., selecting 'head' will register a headshot even if you shoot the player in the foot)

    - AimMode: Closest by Distance, Closest by Crosshair, Highest Threat

    - Off After Kill: (Disables AimBot after each kill to avoid snapping to targets)

    - Ghost Aim: (Allows you to widen the angle in which bullets will hit your taget, causing you to be able
    to miss (with your aim) but still register a hit. Adjusts based on your Aim Angle)

    - Smooth Aim: (Adjusts Aim Smoothness to avoid twitching)

    - Aim Speed: (Adjusts how fast or slow your Aim Bot locates its target)

    - Tele-Kill: (Teleports you to the enemy, opposite of OPK)

    - Aim Key: (Customizable Aim Key to turn your Aim Bot on)

    - Aim Angle: (The Angle percentage that your Aim Bot will lock onto)

    - Aim Prediction: (Ping adjustment, predicts where you should be aiming in front of the target. Best used for players who are running, or lagging.)

    - Visible Only: (Only locks onto targets that are not behind cover)


    - Chams: Material, Light, Wall Hack, Stencil

    - Draw Prediction: (Draws a Small Circle on the exact spot where your Aim Bot will target the player)

    - Crosshair: (Displays a permanent crosshair in the center of your screen)

    - 2D Radar: (2D Friend/Enemy Radar Display)

    - Radar Scale: (Adjusts the size of the Radar)

    - Radar X: (Adjusts the X Position of the 2D Radar)

    - Radar Y: (Adjusts the Y Position of the 2D Radar)

    - ESP: (Displays Player Information - Name, Health, etc)

    - Warning: Low, High (Alerts you when players have you in focus or targeted)

    - Boxes: (Display a box around all players)

    - Skeletons: (Display player bone skeletons)

    - Hide Guns: (Removes the visual appearance of Guns from your display)


    - Super NoSpread: (100% NO Bullet Spread, + legit looking wall shots + no scope compatible for snipers)

    - No Recoil: (No Weapon Recoil)

    - Super Bullets: (Allows you to shoot through walls)

    - Trigger Bot: (Fires instantly when you lock onto a target, without needing to click your fire button)

    - SuperKnife: (Increases the attack speed of your knife, making it much faster)

    - Rapid Fire: (Turns Rapid Fire On/Off)

    - Fire Speed: 1-10 (Adjusts the speed of your rapid fire)


    - Pickup Range: (Allows you to pickup weapons from any range, as long as you are aiming at them)

    - WeaponVac: (Pulls all weapons / items off of the ground in the map and brings them to you. Visible only by you.)

    - WeaponVac Key: (Adjusts the button used to activate WeaponVac)

    - Fly: (Turns fly mode on/off)

    - Super Jump: (Allows you to jump very high into the air.)

    - Enemy OPK: (One Position Kill. Brings all enemies to you, so that you can kill them all at once)

    - Ghost Mode: (Enables or Disables Ghost mode, which lets you fly around the map killing people, unseen while your body remains where you left it)

    - Glitcher: (Enables or Disables Glitch Key, allowing you to walk through objects with the press of a button)

    - Glitch Key: (Customizable key used to begin Glitching, which allows you to walk through objects)

    - Speed Hack: 1-50 (Adjusts your speed between 1-50 (very fast). This also alters the speed GREATLY while you are jumping)

    - Suicide:

    - Spammer: (Turns on chat-spam to broadcast an advertisement for GamerzPlanet.net)
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2011


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    Sep 19, 2010
  3. WARHEAD35


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    Jun 15, 2011
    says i need to update but i cant?
  4. ivanmass


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    Sep 17, 2011
    anyone here listen to or help
  5. MamaderA


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    Dec 11, 2011
    u know how many time u need wait for a premium key?

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