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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'GzP Help Files' started by r2k, Jul 19, 2006.

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    GamerzPlanet FAQ
    (Last Updated: 19-7-06)

    How do I use an avatar/signature?
    There are two kinds of memberships that we offer here:
    • Gold Membership
      For being a gold member, you will have your own signature, custom title, avatar and pm box size will increase to 100. You will also be able to view the user online list. Prices start at only $3.99 USD!*

    • Premium Membership
      For being a premium member, you will see no ads on the entire website. You will have your own signature, custom title, avatar and pm box size will increase to 250. You will also be able to view the user online list and have a custom page. Prices start at only $5.99 USD!*
    We are seeking support from our loyal members in order to cover monthly server costs and maintainence. By donating to GamerzPlanet.net, you will also receive bonus features that are too exclusive to mention here!

    So click here to donate today!
    * Prices mentioned are for 30-day subscriptions. More payment options are available if you click on the link above.

    How do I get my warning points removed?
    Occasionally, a moderator will warn you ‘permanently’. This means, technically, that the warning will never expire. However, if you contact that particular moderator (or an administrator), then you can request to have your warning points reviewed and then possibly removed. We will endeavor to make sure you’re treated fairly, so, if you’ve improved your attitude and haven’t made any more mistakes, we’ll probably remove the warning!

    I can see a bug!
    The best place to post this is in our ‘General’ section. Try to provide a screenshot of the problem you’ve encountered, along with a description of what you were doing and what happened. We’ll attempt to work the problem out and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Can I affiliate with GzP?
    Probably not, unless you’ve got a good offer, a solid member-base and some great ideas.

    Can you make a section for [gamename]?
    I've seen threads come and go of requests for games (sections) and later I'd see requests for the same thing. Well, for a section to be added, it's reasonable to say that a lot of people would have to be interested. At GamerzPlanet, we don't want sections that are collecting cobwebs: it doesn't look too great on a forum of 30,000+ people.

    Here's what you should do if you want a section (game) added:
    • Read and search the Suggestions forums carefully for similar threads requesting the same section (game) before you post. If you don't see any similar suggestions, you are more than welcome to suggest it. If you do see a similar section, read the following bullet-point.
    • Choose the latest suggestion thread (similar to your suggestion) and make a post, without spamming, that says something along the lines of: "I'd like to see this section as well."
    • Try to get other friends and members to post in order to drum up support. Prove us wrong! We usually assume that threads, that sink, translate as suggestions that aren't popular.
    I've bought a Lottery Ticket, how do I know if i've won?
    You will be notified via the Private Messaging System if you have won Lottery.
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