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Selling Game of War Cheap Gold Packages - www.takigaming.com - Trusted-Certificated-Professional

Discussion in 'Virtual Item(s)' started by Takigaming, Feb 21, 2016.

How Takigaming works?

  1. Please read our FAQ here ==> https://takigaming.com/frequently-asked-questions

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  2. Please read our FAQ here ==> https://takigaming.com/frequently-asked-questions

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  1. Takigaming

    Takigaming www.takigaming.com

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    Feb 21, 2016
    Takigaming is your new home where you can buy cheap Mobile In-App Purchases or Mobile Game Items.


    Mobile In-App Purchases are the virtual goods that you buy from mobile games while you are logged in to your game accounts, reason for buying in-app purchases is to beat the others with the goods you get from in-app purchases. For some people in-app purchases are expensive and here we are to help you save some money for you and your family while you are beating your enemies in your games!

    How we work:
    You buy the package you need on Takigaming, after receiving payment one of our moderators logs in to your Game of War account and load your Game of War packages. When your packages bought you will be informed by our moderators. It's that simple! Please read our FAQ for more information.

    Current Accepted Payment Methods:
    PayPal Express Checkout or PayPal Payments Standard
    Delivery Method:
    Delivery informations via E-mails that you wrote on our website.
    Delivery Time:
    Usually we are online up to 7/24 but sometimes we can be unavailable up to 8 hours. Don't worry as soon as we are online, you will get your packages.
    Contact Methods:
    Mail to Takigaming or use the live-chat on our website.
    Be Aware of Scammers:
    We do not take any payments or process any sales through Skype/Line or other contact methods so if anyone contacts you on Skype/Line etc. expecting payment or account information they are a scammer.

    People get their packages up to 50% off, login to Takigaming and start buying your packages up to 50% off today!

    For Buyers: Please leave a feedback for us, if you have used our website. Your feedbacks are valuable.

    1: Do I get in trouble with Machine Zone because of doing this? ==> No, you won't get in trouble with MZ because it is legit due to MZ's TOS' 12th proviso. MZ allows “Third Party Sales”. You can check it here:TOS of MZ
    2: Which packages I can purchase on Takigaming? ==> You can purchase any package that MZ offers you at that time.
    3: When will I get my packages after the payment done? ==> You will get your packages in 30 minutes then you will be informed.

    Note: We are not responsible of anything about your GoW accounts. Your account details will never shared with anybody or any third parties. You accept these terms by shopping with us.

    Contact us with the information stated in my signature below!

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