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Request Gfx needed For Logo design any takers

Discussion in 'Graphic Requests' started by dat way, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. dat way

    dat way

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    Jul 6, 2012
    Alright guys , me again am starting a label company . with my cousin where i live where trying to go big we already have 3 upcoming artist in our city in it we are in need of a logo a good one i must say if you are a GFX ARTIST , We will pay you once we get up in the world , we will keep in contact Using Skype and what not , if you are interested all you need to do is read the following details we want below in the logo and send us the link of the picture etc , and we will give you our e-mail & skype details to keep in contact


    Colour - Black , White , Yellow , Blue , Red ( Exploding out from behide the the name )
    Name - Royal Ryhmes Records & Productions
    Other details -
    If you can i would really like my state or province`s flag in it i am from (Canada , So Halifax NovaScotia `s flags would be great for a symbol
    (Exploding colours )

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