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Habbo hacking / Scamming 2015 [GhostBot]

Discussion in 'Habbo Hotel' started by ProjectGhostBot, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. ProjectGhostBot


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    Oct 11, 2015

    Look in this thread im going to be completely honest with no lies. I’m going to tell you part of my story because I create a website about this bot explaining my story .
    So what I’m going to tell you is that first of all I’m fun regular pothead kid that grew up playing games and programming. Anyway I ended up getting out of computers but
    when I had free time I did whatever I can to keep my mind busy. I some how got into hacking this stupid game called habbo hotel. Now I’m not going to lie I am a regular
    member at this forum but I am using a name used for my bot. This is not a hack because I am willing to get to know you before I even think of giving you my hard work.
    This self updatable. Anyway.
    I’m looking for a partner I don’t even know if people even bother to hack habbo anymore that’s why I’m going to wait for people to get intouch with me before I do any kind of updating.
    Last time I updated this bot was in 2014 but if you really wanted too you can update it yourself since I added that feature because I got fed up to recompiling this bot with every
    update habbo hotel had. Now I didn’t really read the TOS of this forum like any other forum I am a programmer that releases hacks for Gunz online and CSGO. Habbo hotel is actually quite funny for me, It’s what I actually consider fun!

    You can call me “ProjectBot” until I actually tell you my internet alais. But you can read all about my project on http://projectghostbot.my3gb.com/
    There is no downloadable software there so there is no harm in visiting the only thing in that web
    is how my bot works and how to contact me to become a partner. I don’t want just any stupid kid I actually need
    somebody with some kind of understanding on how habbo scamming works. I don’t feel like explaining myself and being a teacher to you.
    Make no mistake I need a partner not a student.






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