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IMPORTANT!-Warrock Section Rules/Readme

Discussion in 'WarRock' started by dead4life, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. dead4life

    dead4life Former Staff Member Former Staff

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    Nov 26, 2005

    No begging.
    Begging/Requesting for hacks will result in a +15 infraction.

    No Spam.
    All off-topic posts will result in +15 infraction.

    Do not post your E-mails.
    Hoping that someone will send you a hack/cheat will get you warned +15.

    No Flaming.
    Results in +15 infraction.

    No Advertising.
    Don't link to other forums. +15 infraction.

    Don't Post Malicious Files.
    Will result in +30 infraction.

    Don't double Post.
    If I see you double post I'll usually just merge the 2 together, but if you consistently do it I'll treat the posts as spam with the +15 infraction.

    30 points to your infraction count will result in a ban.

    No trading hacks.

    Post your attachments through GzP as an attachment. Go to "Go Advanced" when posting and "Manage Attachments". Any links to other sites to download will be removed.

    No Censorship:
    There has been debate on whether I will remove hacks based on it being private/undetected. My policy is I will NOT remove and downloads regardless of circumstances. Unless the file is malicious or the author of the hack gives me proof and requests its removal. The original poster of the download could of course choose to remove it if he/she wishes.

    Members have a right to post whatever they want for other users to download as long as they are clean. Unless the hack is private and the original creator gives me proof and I'll take care of it. It isnt leeching if they share hacks they acquire from somewhere else. The people whining are the leechers by getting hacks from other sites without working for them and hog them all to yourselves. Anyone flaming leechers will be warned or banned.

    Thanks, dead4life.

    Your Warrock Moderator.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2007
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