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Selling ingame 99.99$ packs at 75$ for any game , iTunes vouchers as well.

Discussion in 'Service(s)' started by zeina, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. zeina


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    Apr 26, 2017
    iam offering ingame purchasing discounts for many mobile games that have ingame Packs ( clash of kings , Revenge of Sultans , etc..)

    currently i will charge you 80$ for the 99.99$ pack on both android or IOS,
    make sure the pack is available(some games have limited time packs) you send me the screenshot,note that there will be discounts for Bulk purchases for the regular customers ONLY
    incase you need Gems like for Clash of clans or Clash Royale , that 14,000 Gem pack is 75$ but such games are sensitive since its linked to game centers or fixed gmail , so we better discuss that in PMs.

    Current Supported games:
    1: Clash of Kings
    2:Mobile Strike
    3:Revenge of Sultans
    4:Clash Royale
    5:Castle Clash
    6:Game of war

    Selling as well iTunes and Google play store Vouchers contact on Line for details.​
    if there is a non-listed game kindly check with me and i will see if there is availability to get discounts on it .your privacy will be my first priority , nothing will ever be shared with anyone, i guarantee you a quick and safe delivery.

    for inquiries Kindly add me on whats app at 00971508643018 or LINE app : ZoeMod

    PS:my Methods are all safe and legal , no charge backs or non-authorized card usages.

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