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Release iPlayBattle, come play you Pu$$y

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by [[tobi, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. [[tobi


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    Mar 15, 2009
    Hi guys I am a moderator from DarkGunZ and iPlayOG Network. I'm here today to advertise our new game called iPlayBattle. It is hosted by Nick ( owner of darkgunz and iplayog network ) and developped by himself. I'm not sure who is the original coder, but I give all credit to him and Nick for making it better.

    [​IMG] <--- Click on it

    The game is on the website. you don't have a character to control. You just need to manage your city against invader or manage it to invade others. you cannot die. you can lose your money or gain it.

    When you start the game, you can chose your class.

    • Barbarians: +2500 Defense, +2500 Offense, +15000 Gold, +15% Offense
    • Humans: +5 Army, +40000 Gold, +15% Offense
    • Pirates: +5000 Offense, +2500 Defense, +15% Offense
    • Cannibals: +7500 Defense, +15% Defense
    • Traders: +7500 Offense, +15% Defense
    • Thieves: +5000 Offense, +25000 Gold, +15% Defense
    You will start with these stats depending on what you want to focus on: Offensive, Defensive, Safe gold farming.
    What does it means?
    You have 3 types of men that will help you to progress through the game.

    You have 3 type of men -

    • Offensive
    • Defensive
    • Miner
    How to gain or lose money ?
    there's 2 places where your money can be. In your bank or in your hands. when your money is in your hand, everyone (3 level above or under) can attack you. whenever you lose a fight as a defender ( when someone attack you ) you lose 50% of the money in your hands. but if he loses the fight, because you defense is too high, he loses money and you gain xp.
    When your money is in your bank, it is 100% safe. no one can steal it from you, but the bank takes 1% per day.
    take note that you may only bank your money 5 times / day.

    Game progression

    • each 30 minutes you gain 10 attack and 1000 gold in your hands.
    • you cannot attack same player more than 5 times per days.
    • you can have more than one account, but if you swap your account will be disabled.
    • each 24 hours you have 10xYour level citizens. you can train men with citizens.

    VIP shop
    We have a VIP shop where you can buy golds or VIP membership. Prices are very cheap, It might be lower if you guys join :)

    We offer for VIP members

    • No Advertisements.
    • No limit for the deposit of gold.
    • to limit on sending Gold to other players.
    • 10 Percent discount for Training Man and Armory.
    • Get 2000 instead of 1000 gold per 30 mins which goes into your hand.
    • Get 20 instead of 10 Attack Turns every 30 mins.
    • More to Come!

    Why you should join us

    • we have an active community.
    • daily updates.
    • actives members & staff.
    • friendly members.
    • we read every suggestions to improve the game.
    • we work out everyday to make it better.
    Thanks for reading,

    ~iPlayOG & DarkGunZ staff team

    Forum : forum.iPlayOG.com
    Darkgunz : DarkGunZ.com
    iPlayBattle : iPlayBattle.com
    iPlayMineCraft : iPlayMC.com
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