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Join Battle of the Immortals Shifting Tides Private Server

Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by indiafilia, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. indiafilia

    indiafilia Registered User

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    Oct 4, 2012
    Join Battle of the Immortals Shifting Tides Private Server

    Rates & Features
    EXP : x100
    Drop : x100
    Quest EXP : Normal
    Custom NPC
    Custom Items
    Level 4 Gems in NPC
    **Medal of Victory Exchange System** - New!

    Shifting Tides Update
    **Radiant Temple
    **Champion Arena (New PvP Arena)
    **Endless Stairways (New Instance)
    **Golden Coast (New Map)
    **Ancient Beast Island Invaded
    **New Exalted Zones
    **New Scenario Quests
    **New Pet Appraisal system
    **Gear and Pet Sealing

    Client Download Links
    Direct Downloader
    BOI Shifting Tides Client Downloader

    Torrent Download
    BOI Shifting Tides Torrent Download

    Website & Registration
    Regisration : http://www.genesisgames.ph/boi
    Forum: http://www.genesisgames.ph/forum

    We also have Woi Private Server, updated to Lost Omen!
    Visit http://www.genesisgames.ph/woi for more information.
  2. manabox

    manabox Registered User

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    Jan 11, 2011
    hello , what is your positon here?

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