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Kosmic Menu

Discussion in 'Dayz Standalone' started by Mr.iLLEGAL, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Mr.iLLEGAL

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    Feb 11, 2015
    Was sitting on this for a few days, deciding whether or not to release it but scripting is GG for Standalone and I'm moving onto memory stuff now, so here.


    • Speedhack (Don't need to disable ANTI-TP)
    • Flyhack (Use Num 8 / Num 2 while in Water. Use speedhack accordingly)
    • ESP (New ESP script from @Mizzle420420)
    • Auto-Morphine (Fixes your legs instantly without morphine)
    • Teleport (Teleport anywhere on the map as long as you're in a vehicle)
    • Toggle View (Switch from First to Third person)
    • Respawn (Respawns all players within a 1000m radius)
    • Suicide (Kills you)
    • Insta-Respawn (**** the 30 second timer)
    • FPS Boost (Pretty self explanatory)
    • Inst-action (Performs actions instantly with this enabled)
    • No Restrain (Breaks rope / wire / cuffs)


    Mizzle420420 - Awesome Bind Menu V2 base
    Kosmo (Me) - Faster speedhack using setVehPos (Because DayZ is dodgy af) Also changed Vars.
    --PayPal - Thanks for the awesome color code!

    Attention 14 year-olds: Dont add me on skype asking for executors

    Redistribution and/or modification of this tangible code (Script) is permitted for non-commercial use and must retain credits of any source used from this release.

    Scans added by Liz.
    VT Jotti


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