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Tutorial Making money with this tutorial [no scamm or ad]

Discussion in 'Videos' started by alexneo200, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. alexneo200


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    Aug 31, 2011
    Hi, today im going to show you a simple way to make money : view ads , get paid. Easy as FISH.

    So : 1. Create account from the link in the video description. (to get the 10 $)
    2. Enter email to confirm the email , then you will get a activation code.
    3. Complete the registration again , and enter the activation code from your mail
    4. Login , view ads , and earn money.


    AFTER YOU CLICK 100 TIMES , send me an email as in the video , and i will send you 10 $. At every 100 clicks i will give 10 $

    You will see from members that joined , that i sent them , check out their comments.

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    this is not a scam , i give any proofs printscreens with my paypal , whatever you want.
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