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[MUST READ] Rules for this section.

Discussion in 'Rumble Fighter' started by Cloud203, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Cloud203

    Cloud203 Retired Staff Member GzP Underground

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    Feb 11, 2009
    I've made a post like this before, but it was lost in the rollback awhile ago, so I'm remaking it.

    As long as you follow the rules below, you shouldn't have any problem here. I consider this thread to be your verbal warning, so if you break any of the rules below, you're getting an infraction.

    1. Be respectful of other members. I can't tell you how many flame posts I've seen, but it seriously needs to come to an end. The Rumble Fighter section is not the place for immature behavior,

    Ranting also falls under this category, when it's aimed towards another member.

    2. Account sales go in the Trade Section. It's there for a reason. I don't want to see any more account sales in the Rumble Fighter subsection. All new account sale threads made here will be moved, and the OP infracted.

    3. Don't beg. This is a given. In the gamerzplanet rules, it states:

    4. Stay on topic. This is the Rumble Fighter section. I expect to see posts about Rumble Fighter, not a thread asking why someone hates you (You know who you are). If you want to ask questions like that, that's what PM's are for. Unless your post has to do with what the thread is about, keep it to yourself.

    5. Do not post threads regarding referrals/invites/etc. This is against the GamerzPlanet rules. The standard infraction for this is a 30 day ban. I've been lenient with a few people I've found posting lockerz invite threads, but I won't be nice any longer. Simply don't do it.

    6. Do not "Gravedig" threads. I don't understand what makes someone post in a year old thread... Especially when the year old thread is a fail attempt at scamming accounts. Do NOT bump threads like this, or you will be infracted.

    7. Do NOT post other members' IGN's. Posting IGN's can result in it being seen by OGP lurkers, which may result in that specific IGN being punished. Since we aren't sure how OGP tracks down rule breaking/Hacking/Botting it is better to be safe than sorry. As soon as they see an IGN posted here, they'd probably check that account for any suspicious activity. You wouldn't want anyone posting YOUR IGN if you were hacking, give the same respect to others.

    8. Do NOT post "Astro hacks". There honestly is no such thing as an astro hack. There may indeed be exploits, but never direct astro hacking. If anyone posts an astro hacking thread without clearance from me, the thread will be closed, and the thread starter will receive an infraction.

    9. Refrain from making short, pointless posts. It's been happening more and more frequently. There honestly is no point in making posts like "Lolz pwnt", "Insta-pwnt", etc. Besides trying to raise your post count. If I see any more posts like that, they will be deleted, and the poster will receive an infraction.

    10. Do not Multi-Account. Seriously. I didn't think this would be a big issue here, but apparently I'm wrong. I've been lenient with the two people I found breaking this rule, but I won't be much longer. Multi-Accounting is deserving of an instant Ban from GamerzPlanet. There is absolutely NO need whatsoever to make a secondary account. If found to be multi-accounting, ALL of your accounts will be banned from GamerzPlanet.

    11A. Do not create new threads with questions about the God Mode/1Hit KO hacks.
    If you have ANY questions regarding this, you either ask in the thread created by JDBoy or you can PM either JDBoy or myself. If I see anymore threads created regarding one of those two hacks (Or both of them) it will be DELETED and the thread creator INFRACTED.

    11B. Do not create new threads for problems with ANY hack if the main thread is still open.
    For example, lets say you have a problem with LZM Slim, do NOT create a thread saying "I haz problem with LZM Slim, help plox" instead, Find the LZM Slim thread, and post your problem there. Violators of this rule will be given an infraction.

    12. Do not post hacks in this section.
    This section is not a place to release hacks. Use the download section for Rumble Fighter, which can be found here.

    13. Do not make pointless bragging threads.
    If you found something, good for you. You don't need to make a thread announcing it to the world that you've achieved something that others have struggled with. Unless you're going to be releasing it (Which I highly wouldn't recommend) then don't make a new thread bragging about it. Violators of this rule will receive an infraction, and have their thread deleted.

    14. Do not re-post something that's already posted.
    If you try to re-post something that has been posted already within this section, just so you can try to gain a bit of rep, you will receive a 10 point infraction, and have your thread closed. Just don't do it.

    15. Do not make threads asking if "X" has been patched. chances are, someone already beat you to it, and asked the question. LOOK before you post. I noticed several threads asking the same question "Is the carat coupon patched?" why not go to one of the other threads and look, instead of creating an entirely new thread? Violators of this rule will be given an infraction, and have their thread deleted.

    16. Do not make new threads for new Item ID's you may have found. Post them in this sticky thread. It really helps cut down the clutter and garbage, and makes it much easier to find all the known item ID's when they're all in one place.

    17. Do not reply to posts from spammers. Posts such as this:

    Should be reported ONLY. do NOT reply to posts such as this, as it only creates additional garbage for moderators to clean up. Violators of this rule will receive an infraction.


    To hack/bot developers: Please be careful with what you create. Some things just aren't meant to be released to the general public. If you'd like an example of what I mean, look at the xFuzion group.

    This thread will be updated as more rules are needed.

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
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  2. ElDorado


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    Nov 16, 2008
    Congratz on he promotion, Cloud. Keep up the active work!

    Nevermind this bottom part.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2009
  3. Skyline_GTR

    Skyline_GTR GzP Admin Staff Member Admin

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    Nov 23, 2005
    Spamming/Flaming/Begging = Infraction

    Quit posting spam and flaming each other. I have closed more than 30 threads that are either spam/whining/flaming. You will get an infraction for doing it.

    This is your Final Warning!

  4. void


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    Nov 23, 2000
    Do not post your teamviewer login details!

    Dear visitors of the rumble fighter section,

    Stop posting your teamviewer login details in the hope to obtain free stuff or whatever.
    As a matter of fact, teamviewer as is, is a trustable application used for remote controlling other computers.
    However, you put yourself in a risk giving the details to random people over the internet.
    Teamviewer allows file transfers in the background. Whoever you're randomly giving access to, can just copy all your private data in the background, or replace/insert unwanted things on your computer.

    Threads asking for teamviewer details will be removed for your own safety.

    GzP Administrator
  5. Theminatar

    Theminatar Retired Staff Member

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Don't release your Astro Exploits!

    Come on guys, this should be common sense, I close all astro exploits because, 1. They are usually illegal, 2. Some things should be kept to yourself, 3. They will get patched faster.

    Take G coin exploits for an example, at first people were making G coin generators and finding exploits like no other. Now you're lucky if you know someone willing to even consider selling the exploit to you.

    Good for you, you know an astro exploit! Want a cookie?

    The point is, if I see anything regarding an astro exploit I'm closing it, because it should be kept to yourself.

    Off-topic: One more thing, don't make a new thread crying about Cloud203 or myself closing a thread of yours. It will be closed and I will infract you.

    -Thank you.
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