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Newbie guide

Discussion in 'GzP Help Files' started by r2k, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. r2k

    r2k Retired Staff Member GzP Underground

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    Nov 23, 2005
    If you’re completely new, this is certainly the paragraph for you. There’s probably one thing running through your head at the moment, “where are my damn hacks?!” Well, unfortunately, we cannot provide to you every single trainer/cheat that’s ever been developed, however we do offer quite a range related to some games (MapleStory, Gunbound, GunZ, SilkRoad) and a smaller range for some other games (Rakion, WarRock, etc.). If you’re interested in any hacks at all, you’ll have to search! If you can’t find it, there’s not much more you can do without violating a rule. Once you’ve got the navigation of GamerzPlanet worked out, you’ll probably be able to find what you’re looking for quite efficiently, without having to use the search feature.

    Hopefully, being the new member that you are, you’ll also want to get to know the community – and want the community to get to know you. If this is the case, which I certainly hope it is, you can start of by saying “Hello” in our “Say Hello” forum. It’s understandable that perhaps you’re not quite tech-savvy, not quite the seasoned game hacker or the experienced programmer, and so you want somewhere to casually post. One of the best sections for you, I hope, is Chit-Chat. If you can’t see a topic there that you’re interested in, feel free to make your own!

    I’d also advise you to read through most of this section. Why? Well, I hope this turns into an invaluable resource, which is continually updated, because it answers a lot of questions and gives you a nice, not-so-concise, summary of GzP. Some valuable links:
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