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Nintendo GOing Forward

Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by alexwaston, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. alexwaston

    alexwaston Registered User

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    Aug 29, 2016
    This thread is about speculating the future of Nintendo and what decisions they might/should make about their hardware and software.

    Currently Nintendo have the successful 3DS and the failure that is called the Wii-U, though even the 3DS is struggling to maintain momentum.
    Additionally Nintendo have an introverted culture with bad third party relations.
    There is also the rise of Android/iOS/WP gaming which has obviously eaten into their customer base and is likely to accelerate into the future with improvements in the ecosystems as these companies devote more resources to gaming.

    Personally i think Nintendo should abandon the home console(after 2015) and focus on the 3DS successor.
    They should also use the smartphones as a platform for advertising; Put demo's of their games onto each platform with advertisements for their console/games featured in the demo's, perhaps even releasing some F2P games on both the Nintendo console and smartphones and have the Nintendo version get daily bonuses/freebies(mention this in the game).

    Concerning the hardware; They need to release it in 2016, have a mid-range mobile SOC with modifications to improve bandwidth.
    It also needs to have a somewhat premium feel, the cheap plastic feel needs to go ASAP, if i can buy a $50 smartphone that feels higher quality then it's obvious you are doing something wrong.
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  2. SawyerOrtiz41

    SawyerOrtiz41 Registered User

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    Oct 29, 2017
    It seems Nintendo has fallen behind the pack given the quality of games put out for PS and Xbox. Nintendo seems more geared towards young children and the other systems more toward higher end gaming.

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