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News Overwatch in CS:GO

Discussion in 'Steam Games' started by yehink, Mar 28, 2015.

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    Feb 25, 2015
    So I figured since a lot of people were bugging me on skype and asking about it on a thread here I'd go into a little explanation.

    1. Overwatch is complete BS (I'll explain this in detail later)
    2. It was designed to keep a self sustaining ban train going (because VAC sucks)
    3. It takes a lot to get it and little to lose it.
    4. Yes, false bans do happen frequently
    First, I do not agree with overwatch or any anticheat like it(if you can even call it one). Personally I believe it is a corrupt system meant to give nova 4's who hate their lives power over any rank below them. I have known and seen overwatchers who just vote yes to every single suspect. Its does however take more then 1 or 2 votes to get you banned, and higher levels with more time played and a higher win count get a higher voting power then lets say a ak with the minimal amount of specifications.
    Let me explain exactly what overwatch is now:
    It is an anticheat that allows other higher ranked players to watch your past games where you were reported more that 7-9 times (this CAN be spread out amongst any games within I believe 24 hours). They receieve the option to watch an overwatch case after playing a comp game or 2 (depending on level) and will be able to either convict or claim innocence for the current suspect. They will be able to watch all your kill highlights but, will NOT be able to see your name unless they work around it (there is a post on a method on how to do this). After they and I believe around 30 others have voted on your case the verdict will be decided, i.e banned or not banned. so yeah time for more boring ass information.
    Many of you know that CS:GO uses VAC3 as an official anticheat. Many of the many of you also know that VAC sucks ass, they only detect hacks that they have the exact source or code for (feel free to correct me on this). Overwatch was made to try to keep the community of csgo going on for a very long time. Unlike in C:SS where they just had VAC and there ended up being hundreds maybe even thousands of cheaters towards the end of that games lifespan, they wanted csgo to be able to live and prosper. Basically the community relies on itself to get rid of cheaters and ban honestly. This is annoying because if you're a hacker with a high rank you can get OverWatch fairly simply and get it before you are banned (putting the fate of hackers in other hackers hands).
    The requirements to get this shit are wild insane if you are bad at the game and are trying for it. 200+ hours and a win count of 120 if your are the rank of ak. I believe its 400+ hours and 130 wins if you are a nova 4. the higher the rank the faster you will get it (proven by Trevorrr had only 80 hours and was a double ak with it). Once again Overwatch is a pain in the ass. It is easy as hell to lose it. If you vote wrong on more then 10 votes you lose it, and if you lose your rank you lose it. Basically you have to be good and maintain your rank and vote right (like a school system or work, you have to keep up good performance and take tests/do projects during certain periods.
    I can personally confirm this. They do false bans all the time, if you prefire corners or shoot randomly through a wall they mostly report you ( no matter how common the spot).

    How to prepare for overwatch:

    • Try to only play 2-3 games a day hardcore hacking and the rest legit
    • Don't be obvious with cheats (staring at a guy through the walls or aimbotting through a thing wood wall)
    • try not to be a dick, remember overwatch is based on reports. Most people won't report a nice guy.
    • I can't stress this enough, DON'T BE OBVIOUS!!!
    Basics on Overwatch bans:

    • They usually happen 2-8 hours after a game (Can happen sooner).
    • They will not be appealed by Valve
    Why does this post contain spelling errors and many other mistakes?
    If anyone has any other things to add pm me or post below here are some sources I used

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