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Release Perfect hack with Storybug(For Cheat Engine user only)

Discussion in 'Audition' started by sanji043, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. sanji043

    sanji043 Registered User

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    Jul 9, 2008
    For all player can bypass Xigncode3 you can use my cheat table to active the perfect hack and story bug.

    Link: https://dz4link.com/AUPHStoryHack

    Perfect hack: Change value to 0 to active
    Story bug:
    1.Make story mode room
    2. Tick the box and change the value to 0
    3. Change mode and song (Ex. C8 mode and 104bpm One Dance)
    4. Change back the value to 1024
    5. Do the requirement to success the mission.

    Sorry im not good in making trainer so im sharing it raw to you. But you need to bypass xigncode3 first to use this cheat table. Goodluck!

    If this post is illegal please delete it. Thank you!

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