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Phil Spencer Goes Down Under

Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by alexwaston, Oct 3, 2016.

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    Aug 29, 2016
    The first of multiple articles based on an interview with Phil Spencer.

    This one covers:

    • The motivations behind the decisions that led to the Xbox One - “The goal that the team had was to figure out how could we sell 200 million game consoles,”
    • The new direction he decided on when he took over - “When we came in after two-and-a-half years ago and started running the Xbox program, I centred us back on not trying to become something other than a game console. You don’t earn the right to be relevant in other categories of usage for the console until you’ve earned the gaming right, so let’s go make sure that’s what we deliver,”
    • How people are using their Xbox Ones - “I’ll say when we look at what people do on the console today, video usage is as high as game usage, so it’s not like people aren’t watching YouTube and aren’t watching Netflix and Amazon and anything else that’s there...
    • Microsoft's commitment to gaming - “Today, if you sit down with Satya Nadella, the CEO, Amy Hood, the CFO of the company, they will talk about gaming as a core capability of Microsoft, not gaming as a bridge to somethings else, but gaming into itself,” he continued. “It’s not just Microsoft, you see Google investing time in gaming, you see Facebook buying Oculus, you see Amazon buying Twitch, you see multi-billion dollar transactions going on at the gaming space, not so you can go be something else, but because gaming is a very high engagement, high monetization use on any electronic device that you see.”
    Go read the article to read all of this in context + more (and the guy does deserve the click). The next article will cover "virtual reality, Project Scorpio and more".
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