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[RULES] Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jammerx2, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Jammerx2

    Jammerx2 Retired Staff Member GzP Underground

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    Jul 24, 2008
    I have compiled a list of the rules for the suggestions section, since there were many threads before this.

    Before Creating Your Thread

    • Search this forum for similar suggestions.
    • Give the thread a good name, not something like "New Section", name the section.
    • If suggesting a new game, link to it's home page.
    • If suggesting a new game, post screen shots.
    • If suggesting a new game, post a description of the game.
    • Give at least one valid reason to why your suggestion should be used, other than you wanting hacks.
    How This Forum Will Be Moderated

    • When a thread reaches over 100 views, and has at least 5 approvals from users the thread will be closed and a poll created asking users to vote.
    • If a thread goes 2 weeks without any responses, or if the thread has many denials, the thread will be closed.
    • If a thread breaks any of the rules found on this thread, it will be closed and the user may receive an infraction.
    How Will Polls Be Used

    • Once the thread becomes popular, it will be closed and a new one will be created in it's place.
    • This new thread will have a poll, with the options yes or no.
    • The thread will also quote the first post in the old thread, as well as link to the old thread.
    • Users that select an option must post in the thread with a reason.
    • If there is enough votes agreeing it should be done, I will close the thread and put it up for approval by the administrators.
    • The final say will be given to the administrators.
    Suggestions Allowed

    • Games
    • Sections
    • Modifications
    • Other Changes
    Suggestions Disallowed

    • Asking for hacks
    • Asking for instructions
    • Asking for help
    Users who do not follow these rules may have their thread closed and/or receive an infraction.

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