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Discussion in 'Sudden Attack' started by JayJc21, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. JayJc21

    JayJc21 Registered User

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    Sep 16, 2015
    former lord.net player with its name , a/w 300 sgd , if interested can msg me 91495488 negotiable.
    IGN: LordofDeathZ , kd 58% , rank 1815 ,

    completed all basic title and weapon title

    Primary Weapons :
    windchester devil 60days
    dsr 7days
    m4a1 red dragon (Infinity silencer) 7days
    gold trg 6 days
    silver hawk m4a1 (Infinity silencer) 3days
    trg gold tiger (Infinity silencer) 7days
    ak 47 xmas (Infinity silencer) 7days
    trg xmas (Infinity silencer) 7days
    ak pink cute (Infinity silencer) 10days
    m4ai pink cute (Infinity silencer) 1day
    trg simple (Infinity silencer) 7days
    ak 47 butterfly infinity 30days
    trg 21 blue 30days (Infinity silencer)
    trg 21 devil (Infinity silencer) 7days
    m4a1 green bear (Infinity silencer) 7days

    Secondary Weapon:
    Deagle black 1day
    deagle cute 7 day silencer 7day
    mangum ghost 3day
    deagle devil silencer 30days
    deagle green bear silencer 7days
    magnum blue bear 30days
    deagle silencer blue bear 3day
    blue dragon c anaconda 30days
    deagle butterfly silencer 30days
    deagle butterlfy magnum silencer 60days
    magnum blue horse silencer 30days

    gurkha chrome 7days
    axe red dragon 10days
    gurkha red dragon 3days
    drumstick 30days
    axe black heart 1days
    blue horse axe 30days
    axe devil 30days
    gurkha long green lizard 3days
    blue saber 15days
    axe green bear 7dayss

    G503 MK11 grenade (general grenade)
    scouter 22 days
    orange grenade 33days
    g400 blue grenade 30days
    bomb techkit devil 30days
    dynamite 8days
    bomb techkit green bear 7days
    bomb techkit blue bear 30days
    bomb techkit butterfly 30days

    Dog tag 14days
    reissue order 1147x
    big3 pass B
    reduce respawn 7days
    bonus combo pack 11x
    colour nickname 7days
    exp bonus 10% 1days (143x)
    colour nickname B 7days

    Skin (Red team):
    Specialist red
    yuki erka 1day
    navy sora 37day
    audrey 7day
    fairy tale red (extra 20% exp) 30days
    bunny bridget 30day
    blue horse red (extra 20% exp) 30days

    Skin (Blue team):
    Saint mickey 30days
    May thosers 30days
    Kigurumi blue 1day
    Sasha christine 1day
    Specialist blue
    Brenda 7days

    Item not claimed from gift box :
    Black dragon trg (Infinity silencer) 7days
    White tiger grenade 7days

    View attachment 2015-09-16 15-00-25.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-39-22.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-39-14.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-38-19.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-38-02.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-53.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-51.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-49.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-45.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-39.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-30.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-27.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-24.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-19.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-16.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-13 (1).bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-06.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-03.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-37-00.bmp View attachment 2015-09-16 14-36-55.bmp
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2015
  2. JayJc21

    JayJc21 Registered User

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    Sep 16, 2015
    any 1 interested do msg or nego with me :)

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