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S> 3 Major grade 2 account

Discussion in 'Sudden Attack' started by INoHome, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. INoHome

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Selling 3 Major grade 2 (2 bullets) account with titles Assassin, MVP, Berserker, Maj. Gen. (yellow colour). KD 52%. 8266 Points, 469 Reissue Orders. (with Asiasoft Passport, main MapleSEA account with characters, mesos and little cash items worth <RM100)
    2015-08-25 19-25-58.jpg 2015-08-25 19-26-36.jpg 2015-08-25 19-29-30.jpg 2015-08-25 19-41-25.jpg

    3 Diamond grade 2 (2 bullets) account with titles Suicidal, green colour. 49958 Points, with 8 days Scouter. (WITHOUT Asiasoft Passport, selling points as main idea but account available all time as I'm not using it anymore)
    2015-08-25 19-33-32.jpg 2015-08-25 19-36-32.jpg

    Contact info:
    Name: Kelvin Phang
    Facebook: http://fb.com/pork96
    Phone: +60164600771 (prefer sms, not always turned on)

    Please offer me your price and contact me for additional information. NO scams or pranks please, thanks.

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