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Discussion in 'Gunz 2 Discussion/Hacks' started by Cipher, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. Cipher

    Cipher Former Staff Member Former Staff

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    Sep 24, 2008
    Before I get into the rules, I'd just like to say welcome to the Gunz2 section. For anyone who has played (and hacked) Gunz1, you'll more than likely know who I am. For those of you that don't know, I was previously the moderator of the Gunz1 section (which I will also be moderating alongside this one).

    Please ensure that when creating a thread or posting in this section you adhere to the following rules:

    1. Do not post malicious content. All attachments will be checked and if you're found to be distributing malicious material you will be instantly banned.
    2. Only post content where you have permission to do so. If you're not the author of said content and you don't know if you're allowed to post it or not, assume that you aren't.
    3. If you are posting content which you have permission for, you must ensure that that credits are attributed to those which deserve it.
    4. Do not beg for hacks. Begging is annoying and causes unnecessary spam; please keep the section clean.
    5. When posting content, you MUST use the attachment system and not third-party download sites. Failing to do this will result in an infraction and your thread could possibly be deleted.
    6. Do not advertise. You may include functionality in your hacks that opens web pages but they must not be obnoxious nor excessive. Posting links to other websites is allowed as long as you're referencing external information or content. Blatant advertising of competing websites will earn you an infraction.
    The punishments for these rules vary depending on the extent of your wrongdoings. I don't want to have to infract people but it's necessary for the integrity of the section.

    Finally, if you need help or assistance, feel free to send me a private message or contact me on IRC.

Thread Status:
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