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Selling ACs/ Artix Points with 50% price, done super fast[by sur-veys]

Discussion in 'Adventure Quest Worlds' started by Biceus, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Biceus


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    Sep 17, 2013
    Hello guys ,first, let me introduce myself, my name is Andy, I am from Seoul, South Korea. I am opening a service that provides everyone ACs and ArtixPoints- by completing sur-veys which are safe and cheaper than original price.
    $5 / 1300Points
    $5 / 1400ACs
    Since this is the start of the services( I also have many services for other games )
    _We only Accept Payments via PAYPAL!
    _Due to the fact that we are from different timezone, you might not get my response immediately, DO NOT freak out ! I will get back to you ASAP
    _Your Purchases of AP are guaranteed for 1 YEAR! If there is any lost, please provide us your evidences, we will return back to you
    _While waiting for your order to be completed, you can still stay online in your games,
    _Processing time is depend on the purchasing amount of Cash, and the process is taking on the main Homepage, it does not affect anything inside the server.
    _You only have to provide me your ID
    How to get ID for Artix Points:
    How to get ID for ACs:
    Contact Infomation:
    Skype: gameseller07
    NOTE: I will get you a DEMO of 200 ACs before you buy [​IMG] [ for first time- buyers only]

    AeriaPoints Seller: $5 / 1000AP
    AdventureCoins Sellers: $5 / 1400ACs
    Nexon NA Sellers: $5/ 8000NX
    MiniClip Credits Seller:
    Ninja Saga Tokens Seller: $5/ 1400 Tokens

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Troublesh00t [​IMG]
    +99 Vouch for this guy ^^ bought 150$ AP and got them by an hour everything went great and hes really nice gave me a bit extra!

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by shekk01 [​IMG]
    bought my first $10 worth and it was delivered quickly [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Unforgiven Past [​IMG]
    Bought $5, delivered within 10 minutes upon payment. Very professional service. Would recommend.

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by nforse [​IMG]
    bought $15 went fast and smooth. thx bud

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by ohrekt [​IMG]
    bought 20$ worth of AP, Supersonic was down last night, so he refunded me, I woke up with my AP, this guy is trusted. Fast and smooth other than that, looking forward to buy some more. +1

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by FlyingBird [​IMG]
    This guy is awesome, friendly, and completely a legitimate seller. I highly recommend him.

    Last edited: Mar 12, 2015

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