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Announcement Selling Sudden Attack Sea Account (676804 points!)

Discussion in 'Sudden Attack' started by wattzupman97, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. wattzupman97

    wattzupman97 Registered User

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    Feb 21, 2012
    This account has not been played for nearly 4 years. I used to spent unimaginable amount of time on playing this, and I invested quite a lot of money into it as well, it was my precious little baby D: Right now I just decided to let it go and want to sell it away for money, hoping to find a buyer who is interested on my account.

    - 676804 points (This amount is already worth over RM320)
    - 30 [MENTION=2965992]CASH[/MENTION] (meh who even cares about this small amount of [MENTION=2965992]CASH[/MENTION] )
    - White Ghost TRG infinite 7 days
    - Gurkha Chrome 30 days
    - Scouters 1 day (x16), Scouters 3 days (x5)
    - Reissue Order (x111)
    - Exp Bonus (x140)

    Account Records
    - 2 Major 3 Bullets (79.2% exp)
    - KD 56%
    - Major General

    - Rusher
    - Assassin
    - Grenadier
    - Berserker
    - Suicidal
    - MVP
    - Nerd

    I would like to sell this account for RM 599 (Price is negotiable for sure :) ). It comes with both Sudden Attack account and Asiasoft Passport account. If interested, please pm me @ https://www.facebook.com/ryan.ler.5 . Feel free to leave your questions at the comment section

    Seller Information
    Name: Ler Zhi Yuan
    Age: 18
    Country: Malaysia
    College: Sunway College

    Here are some photos

    Thank you! :)

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