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Selling selling two acc's lv 51 female and 41 male

Discussion in 'Audition Redbana Tradings' started by hanashinju, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. hanashinju

    hanashinju Guest

    They're married, on the Redbana server.
    Three cash rings and a total of 170k+ hearts.
    Story on Athanasy completed, just had a reset.
    Story on Zensation has yet to be completed.

    Lots and lots of indef cash.
    List of Athanasy:
    Roar!!! Face 0.7k
    cute eye cat face 0.7k
    Angel Ears Face 0.8k
    Big Smiley 0.8k
    Dollface 0.8k
    Gimme A Break 0.8k
    Innocent Girl face 0.8k
    Jolly Jane 0.8k
    T_T (Cry) 0.8k
    Who Me? Face 0.8k
    ''So what?'' disgruntled face 0.9k
    Adorable Wink 0.9k
    Cute smile face 0.9k
    FullOfHappiness smiling face 0.9k
    Kissable Lips 0.9k
    No thanx~ Face 0.9k
    Oh So Cute 0.9k
    Peaceful Smile Face 0.9k
    Playing innocent comical face 0.9k
    Sulky face 0.9k
    This isn't it 0.9k
    Tongue in cheek face 0.9k
    Well.. That's Life. Face 0.9k
    Whatever Dude 0.9k

    Fancy WhiteHat 1.2k
    Beach couple style 1.6k
    Light brown long hair 1.6k
    Longhair w/Dalmation bow 1.6k
    Silver Strands 1.8k
    ASH style disco hair 1.9k
    gray permed hair w/ bow 1.9k
    Fantasy Pony Tail 2.4k

    Tomboyish buttondown shirt 1.3k
    Ivory tank top 1.6k
    Soulmate Couple Style 1.6k

    Black Short Shorts 1.2k
    Ringbelt Denim Shorts 1.2k
    Black leggings 1.3k
    Black tiered mini skirt 1.6k

    WhiteBoots Black Bow 0.8k
    Valentina style boots 0.9k
    Belted Boots 1.2k

    Jessica-2 Style 2.4k

    Tortoise wants to fly 5.6k (total, don't have to x8)
    CuteCow Hammer 1.2k
    LuckyYear Bangpai kite 1.2k
    Sunflower 1.2k
    WhiteCloud Wings 2.3k

    This results in a total of 446.1k worth of indefinite cash on this account. (bought the No Thanx~ face half priced). 48 indefinite items.

    List of the male account:

    Roar!!! face 0.7k
    Big Smiley 0.8k
    Gimme A Break 0.8k
    Jolly Jack0.8k
    Nitty Gritty Face 0.8k
    T_T (Cry) 0.8k
    Adorable Wink 0.9k
    Kissable Lips 0.9k
    No Thanx~ face 0.9k
    Peaceful Smile Face 0.9k
    Sulky Face 0.9k
    This isn't it 0.9k
    Tongue In Cheek Face 0.9k
    Well.. Thats life. Face 0.9k

    Black X Beanie 1.2k
    Silver Cut 1.2k
    Waxed Brown Hair 1.2k
    Military-coat Couple Style 1.3k
    Spiky Shaggy Cut 1.6k
    Mythical Warrior 1.7k
    Fancy Star couple style 1.9k

    Green plaid shirt 1.3k
    Black fancy suit couple style 1.7k
    Soulmate Couple Style 1.9k

    REVOLUTION couple SET 0.8k
    JDG-1 Style 1.6k
    Snake-patterned Black Pants 1.6k
    Black Buckle Style Pants 1.8k

    Royal Prince Shoes 0.4k
    Dark Gray Canvas 1.2k
    Suede Black Boots 1.3k


    Tortoise wants to fly 5.6k (total, dont have to x8)
    Sunflower 1.2k

    Results in a total of 269.1k cash for 33 indefinite cash items. (the No Thanx~ face also bought at half price on this account)

    the cash total of these two accounts is 700k+

    However i am willing to sell the female account for 200,- ,the male acc for 125,-
    Both for 300,-
    Price can always be negotiated.

    i'd like iDeal payment, and not paypal. i can hand over the security answer for both the accounts, and it's money first.

    Need to know any further information, just contact me.

    Reason i am selling these accounts?
    Audition has been a big part of my life, playing it on and off for the past 6 years.
    Right now i am 18 and i want to put it behind me and move on wards to my future.
    This is a serious selling attempt, so i want serious offers. Thank you.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2014
  2. jedbutt


    Likes Received:
    Mar 24, 2014
    sorry getting my posts to 15
  3. kicksmash


    Likes Received:
    Feb 5, 2013
    is the account still avaible?
    Do you have skype where I can contact you?
  4. Nyanpu


    Likes Received:
    Jul 28, 2015
    are you still selling the female acc?
  5. Dahuta

    Dahuta Banned

    Likes Received:
    Aug 25, 2015
    you still sell

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