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Suggestion shoujo manga recommendations

Discussion in 'General Manga' started by honey_chan, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. honey_chan


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    Jun 14, 2010
    Guys can you suggest me some Shoujo manga?

    I'm into school life :] but i also prefer it a manga w/ delinquents <3 like Oresama Teacher and Hot Blooded Woman

    Also i like it when a boring or unnoticeable girls turns to be someone who is good at this or that
    like Beauty Pop and Skip Beat ( LOVE IT )

    here are some more genres that i prefer : school life , gender bender, shoujo, bishounen, bishoujo.comedy.romance.slice of life,

    I REALLY LIKE IT IF THE BOY IS THE ONE FALLING IN LOVE W/ THE GIRL ( i hate it when the girl is the one who is clinging to the boy ) also i LOVE NAIVE INNOCENT GIRLS ( dont know why ) :)

    can you also leave a little summary for my research ..

    i'll also love it if it has more than 50 chapters? ( love long mangas hehe )

    please and thankyou :)
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