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Tathamet's works of art

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Tathamet, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. Tathamet

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    Jul 29, 2014
    Sometimes, when I get bored I make art. I saw what looked like an area for art, so I decided to share my art with you folks. I will update this thread randomly as the urge to art spontaneous comes, and I will also post the stories I make for my pictures. I hope you enjoy.
    The following pictures were made using Neonflames, and Silk.
    If you want to see the rest of my art, and any other picture I upload, you can follow my Deviantart account, where I always upload my art.

    Diinaan Toor
    Diinaan Toor is dragontounge for 'Frozen Inferno'. It is a fire and ice based spell that generates a massive inferno and a massive blizzard. The white barrier of energy stops the two masses of energy from colliding, allowing pressure to build. Once the pressure reaches critical and the barrier vaporizes, the two massive storms of energy smash into each other. The following explosion incinerates and freezes its victims. Those nearby are either incinerated, frozen, shattered, or all the above. This pictures shows the technique prior to the vaporization of the barrier. If used incorrectly by a human, it can obliterate half a dimension.
    Also, I should probably mention that this is a basic spell amongst dragons, and all dragons can use it.

    Sealed Seal of Chaos
    One of the sealed seeds of Chaos. They are so powerful that if one was unsealed for even a second, the amount of energy unleashed would be enough to obliterate all of reality. Thankfully, it would take all of the Six Ancestors just to break one of the 13 elemental seals. A weak pulse from a seed is enough to power the Earth for 14 duovigintillion (1.4x1070) years. No one knows who made them or why, only that they must never be unsealed for any reason whatsoever.
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