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Release [The Titans] Hyperion Beta [1/5/2013]

Discussion in 'Combat Arms Hacks Downloads' started by topblast, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. topblast


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    Feb 18, 2010
    Hyperion [BETA]
    "The High One"

    Recommended to use the Original PerX

    Rebuilt from the ground up using next to metal technology which is nothing new. I release to the public world Hyperion( please, I always do this bobo)

    1. Menus:
      The Menu uses a modified version of GWEN GUI, an Open Source Graphics User Interface.
    2. Hidden Cheats(not shown in menu):
      I can only hope that we add the other features we were planning on but it was the holidays and like i said we built from the ground up with this.
      • ESP Health
    3. Credits:
      This is the list of people who made this hack Possibly

      • Titans
        • Topblast : Base Design, Hack Implementation, Menu Implementation
        • Caddy : Hack Implementation
        • Kamcorder : Hack Implementation
      • GWEN : The group of people that worked on GWEN
      • --Fenix-- : Game Classes
      • Ch40zz Coder : Information
      • Arun823 : Addresses and USSR
      • Previous Combat Arms Hackers : Setting this all up for, making it easier

    4. Error Reporting
      This Information is Required to report errors
      Operation System (x86 / x64): 
      Where Did It Crash:
      What Hacks were Active:
      More Information:

    This application/file was compiled for education purposes and for fun of developing​

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  2. Skyline_GTR

    Skyline_GTR GzP Admin Staff Member Admin

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    Nov 23, 2005
    Looks great! Looking forward for more future releases.
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