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Announcement Why we don't have anymore hacks? Simple.

Discussion in 'Gunz 2 General Discussion' started by sopfox3, May 29, 2015.

  1. sopfox3

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    Sep 2, 2011
    People are asking me, cipher, cosmos, etc (not via pm but in general or gunz 2 forums) why we aren't making anymore hacks for this game. It's simple, the game got boring, it's dead and not worth to even mod. Yous gots to ask yourselfs, who is asking for these hacks? seriously no one is.
    There's just no point in even trying to hack this game anymore at alls. I originally released hacks to grab maiet attention, Cosmos even crashed the server and maiet still does care. They do watch the server and all but they never does anything abouts it.
    Maybe I will release a farewell hack (which is simply crashing the game, maybe that'll really grab maiet's attention) But other than that, I doubt even Cosmos will resume hacking it. I'm not inactive at all, I simply moved on to bigger projects that are more worthy of time. And for the record, the same 100 players plays GunZ 2 and most of them are even quitting.
    I was going to make a bodyguard hack and spawn npc attackers but still not worth it.
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